The 3 C’s of Cancer Coaching

One of the biggest effects of a cancer diagnosis on the individual and their loved ones is a profound disconnection to ourselves.  Life has been chugging along with its normal ups and downs and a cancer diagnosis is like a tsunami than tips your life upside down physically, mentally and emotionally. The 3C’s of Cancer Coaching get you back on track so you are able to accept the past,  spend more time enjoying the present and manage better the uncertain journey ahead.

Here they are:

1C – Connection

You are still the same person that you were, that self has just been buried under the weight of a cancer diagnosis. It can be easier than you think to reconnect with the innate wisdom that we all have that lets you know what’s right for you. It’s a bit like finding the rudder again on a ship in stormy seas. This journey begins with the acceptance of where you find yourself today. When you stop fighting yourself, accept your wobbles and your vulnerability, you can rediscover your strengths which can help you navigate your way through your cancer journey.

2C – Care

Self-care -as you start to look after yourself again, you can judge what you need to do at the right pace and speed for you. When your connection with yourself is stronger this gets much easier because you listen to your mind and body in a way you may never have before. When you feel up to it, giving back to others can really help you on your journey.


So, when you have a better relationship with yourself and you look after yourself again, you can begin to take back control of what you can control – yourself. When you establish yourself again as the master of your life, rather than feeling like a passenger, you can start to shape the future again from today.

‘We don’t experience things as they are; we experience them as we are’ Anais Nin. When you work with the3 C’s of Cancer Coaching, you can change your life from the inside out.

If you’d like to talk further about how this approach could help you, get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation so we can both decide if I am the best person to help you.