Is Cancer a gift or a curse?

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November 9, 2015
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December 17, 2015
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Is Cancer a gift or a curse?

Stacey Kramer in this TED talk  refers very powerfully to the gift of cancer. It’s OK for her, you may say, she’s still alive. But interestingly I’ve heard others  who are living and dying with cancer say the same thing.

Sophie Sabbage in The Cancer Whisperer explains:

‘Living with cancer means seeing your own mortality in the mirror and choosing appropriately as if every second counts….It’s an opportunity to change, to become more of yourself, not less, and to transform your perceptions, even if you can’t change the course of your disease.’

So how is it that some people come to see their cancer as a gift and some as a curse? Are these people any different to the rest of us?

The answer is simple. It’s a choice every single moment of every single day to experience your diagnosis and your life differently because you have a choice. It may not feel like it, it may not always be easy, but it’s always possible. When I’ve sat with individuals living with and dying from cancer, I hear extraordinary things from some people about how glad they are that cancer has come into their lives. It’s transformed them into who they wanted to be overnight.

But extraordinary people are ordinary people doing extra things. If they can do it so can you and if you need help to discover just how capable you are and how possible it is to discover this gift, get in touch.